TechBlue, Inc. | Top 4 Ways to Maximize Your Oracle Products
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Top 4 Ways to Maximize Your Oracle Products

08 Aug Top 4 Ways to Maximize Your Oracle Products

Now more than ever, business systems require a blend inherent to operations.  TechBlue provides a level of service designed for collaboration, guidance and support of mission-critical systems and solutions, including applications, databases and middleware.

Designed to reduce time and money, and to maximize the functionality, availability, and scalability of critical systems, TechBlue Advanced Oracle Support consists of four complimentary offerings:


Incident Management- high-performing systems and solutions are critical to operational excellence. A team of dedicated support professionals stay deeply familiar with client systems and operational objectives to quickly respond to incidents and deliver proactive recommendations that improve their business solutions.

As a member of the Oracle Partner Network, TechBlue leverage advanced diagnostic tools and technologies to resolve issues and implement lasting changes, resulting in greater performance and availability. 24x7x365 support and a toll-free number are just a few of the benefits.


Consulting Team- dedicated support professionals provide strategic and tactical expertise to support mission-critical environments, systems, and solutions. Led by an Oracle Solution Manager, our dedicated team delivers issue identification, resolution, and proactive guidance to maintain optimal system availability, scalability, and performance.

Our personnel develop customized support portfolios to ensure effective response to opportunities and challenges, and fellow proven solution development methodologies to deliver new and enhanced capabilities that increase mission success.


Solution Manager- The Oracle Solution Manager serves as the primary point of contact and expertise for TechBlue Oracle clients. Our services ensure that client solutions are met and no critical objectives or requirements go missed.

TechBlue’s methodologies allow for periodic reviews to proactively identify challenges and exploit opportunities. We this information we drive recommendations based on Oracle best practices. This in turn allows for robust and value-producing implementations.



TechBlue Innovation Center- As a strategic and tactical component of TechBlue Advanced Support, the Innovation Center enables our support team to maintain close familiarity with customer technologies by simulating environments, solutions, and software.

The Innovation Center enables faster incident resolution by enabling realistic incident simulation. Risk is reduced through testing and simulation prior to client implementation.




TechBlue can support nearly all Oracle databases, applications, middleware, engineered systems, Java, and operating systems like. All this support can be delivered and in as little as 30 days. By the end of those 30 days, your business can be cutting IT costs by up to half and with the extra time you are saving as well, you can focus your recently freed up resources and energy strategic improvements that enhance your core business goals.

Increasing efficiency requires a new way of providing support. Your business needs customized solutions that will improve performance, reduce costs, and eliminating limitations. TechBlue can provide you with all of these and more with round-the-clock- service and dedicated teams, giving you the most of your Oracle products.


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