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Our focus



We believe effective and lasting transformation requires focus in three core areas: Strategy, Technology and Organization.  In essence, these areas are the foundational pillars in becoming, and sustaining smarter, faster and better operations.  Our approach to services echoes our belief.  Without it, we risk delivering solutions that fail to meet objectives and expectations.

Our approach to services is based on knowledge gained from performing in consultative roles for over 30 years, and the smarter, faster, better concept is a direct result of our successes.  Our knowledge, coupled with a service-oriented approach based on teamwork, collaboration and consultation, provides our clients with trusted advisors that work toward meeting objectives.

At TechBlue, we are equally known for what we think as much as what we do.  We don't deliver solutions because we can, we deliver solutions because we should, and we believe that clients don't care about how much we know, until they know how much we care.  At TechBlue our clients come first, all the time, every time.  Contact us, we'd love to learn how we can help you.


We excel at defining and enhancing strategies that meet objectives and improve performance.


Not every business challenge requires new or enhanced technology.  For many organizations, strategic insight, transformation and execution can be the difference between mediocre and excellence in performance.  Whether establishing a new strategic path, or refactoring the strategic utilization of enterprise assets, TechBlue strategy consultants can help.

Business Value Analysis

The TechBlue Business Value Analysis (BVA) is a fixed-cost program that helps close the gap between current and future state.  The BVA deliverable focuses on understanding your objectives, identifying value opportunities, assessing transformation readiness and selecting a high-value starting point.

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The best ideas always seem to come out of the blue

TechBlue Innovation Center


The TechBlue Innovation Center is a cloud-based, rapid stand-up environment that enables accelerated deployment of client capabilities. Our Innovation Center has helped clients avoid the resource and financial costs of traditional development and testing environments, provided a platform for conducting advanced R&D, and served as a solution integration and delivery platform for TechBlue engagements.

Contact us to learn more about leveraging the TechBlue Innovation Center to accelerate your path to smarter, faster and better.
TechBlue Advanced Support - 24 x 7 x 365 consultative expertise

We deliver scalable and performing solutions based on proven systems integration processes.


We employ methodologies based on transparent, measurable and proven processes implemented by leading organizations around the world.  We also believe in continual improvement both internally and externally.  Our Quality Assurance Program applies for all system development and maintenance engagements, and is the basis for delivering high-quality work products to our customers.

Solution Competencies

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Decision Management Solutions


We help optimize organizational assets to improve performance and better meet objectives.


Our approach to organizational performance aligns your people, product and processes, to better leverage strategies and technologies, and facilitate coordinated effort toward performance objectives.  TechBlue organization consultants help set achievable goals, monitor transformation progress, and execute proactive adjustments to ensure objectives are met effectively and efficiently.

People, Product and Processes

Customized training

Guidance and mentoring

Process refactoring

Organizational alignment

Performance assessments

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