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TechBlue Advanced Support

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Now more than ever, businesses require a blend of resources to proactively manage and reactively respond to challenges and opportunities inherent to operations.  TechBlue provides a level of service designed for collaboration, guidance and support of mission-critical systems and solutions, including applications, databases and middleware.  Designed to reduce time and money, and to maximize the functionality, availability and scalability of critical systems, TechBlue Advanced Support consists of four complimentary offerings:


  • TechBlue Incident Management
  • TechBlue Support Team
  • TechBlue Solution Manager
  • TechBlue Innovation Center


  • Allow staff to focus on core business issues
  • Streamlined issue resolution
  • ITIL-based Incident Management
  • Reduced risk of downtime and service interruption
  • Reduced cost over traditional support models
  • Proactive strategic and technical consultation
  • Dedicated support team
  • 24 x 7 x 365 coverage
  • Cloud-based POC supporting proactive R&D


High availability with 24x7x365, mission-critical issue response and resolution.


High-performing systems and solutions are critical to operational excellence.  A dedicated team of TechBlue professionals stay deeply familiar with client systems and operational objectives to quickly respond to incidents, and deliver proactive recommendations that improve business solutions.

Dedicated, production-critical, day-to-day system and solution support.


TechBlue dedicated engineers provide strategic and tactical expertise to support mission-critical environments, systems and solutions.  Our teams provide comprehensive design, development and deployment of scalable and agile solutions, and deliver proactive guidance to maintain optimal system performance.

Strategic, tactical and organizational consultation on systems and solutions.


TechBlue Solution Managers serve as the primary point of contact and expertise for TechBlue clients.  Front-line strategic, tactical and organizational advisory ensures client solutions continue to meeting mission-critical objectives, and improve response to future challenges and opportunities.

Cloud-based, scalable research, development and staging environments.


The Innovation Center enables our support team to maintain close familiarity with customer technologies by simulating environments, solutions and services.  In addition it enables faster incident resolution by enabling realistic incident simulation in replicated environments, thus speeding time to resolution.


From a vendor perspective, license and maintenance costs represent significant income.  However from a customer perspective they represent significant cost.  More and more companies are expressing dissatisfaction with the cost of support from product vendors.  In some cases vendors are generating over 90% operating profits.  Improving operational efficiency requires a new support model focused on expanding innovation, reducing costs, improving performance, and eliminating limitations associated with tying vendor software with support.  With TechBlue Advanced Support our customers are able to focus more of their resources on strategic, mission-critical improvements that drive performance, and leverage dedicated, round-the-clock support for capability sustainment and enhancement.

Capital Expenditures
Operational Expenditures

Source: Gartner IT Key Metrics Data FY 2014

TechBlue Advanced Support can be rolled out in as little as a few days, providing support quickly and efficiently


We deliver TechBlue Advanced Support services covering Oracle, FICO, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft technologies.  And as a result of our support team expertise, we are continually adding to our list of capabilities.

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Business rules, predictive modeling, optimization, enterprise fraud and security, big data analytics and debt management.  Read more

Storage, databases, administration and security, analytics, deployment and management, application services and enterprise applications.  Read more

Servers, databases, cloud enablement, identity management, unified gateway, development tools, services and platforms.  Read more
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